NNN09 / Estes Park, Colorado- October 8-10, 2009

Workshop on Next Generation Nucleon decay and Neutrino Detectors

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado


10th Anniversary of the NNN Series!

NNN09 will be the tenth anniversary of this series of workshops to discuss experiments that go beyond the reach of current projects, as well as the theoretical work that motivates and describes such advances.

New detectors will explore proton decay lifetimes over 1035 years, and advance our understanding of the neutrino sector, including mass hierarchy, additional oscillation parameters, CP violation, supernova dynamics, and high energy cosmic neutrino sources. A primary goal of the NNN series of workshops is the international coordination between Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

During the three day workshop in Colorado, we will survey the status of results from current neutrino oscillations and nucleon decay searches, discuss theoretical interpretations of the existing results and the goals for future nucleon decay and neutrino detectors. We will exchange ideas for new massive underground detectors, and very long baseline neutrino oscillation experiments.

Following the successful format of the previous workshops, the workshop will consist of invited plenary talks and a small number of contributed talks addressing the following topics:

 Nucleon decay theory and experiments

 Accelerator and reactor neutrino experiments

 Next-generation solar neutrino and neutrino mass measurements

 Superbeams for long baseline experiments

 Large water Cherenkov detectors

 Liquid Argon TPCs and other non-water large detectors

 Developments in underground site evaluation and engineering

 Astrophysical and supernova neutrino experiments

 Large scale detector development and construction



Co-sponsored by:
Colorado State University College of Natural Sciences, US Department of Energy, CAEN Technologies Inc. and Hamamatsu Corp. USA